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Like most girls, my daughter hears, “That’s a pretty dress, did you pick it yourself?” or “What lovely hair you have,” or “You have the most amazing eyelashes,” or “I like the bows on your shoes,” or “You are so cute” almost every time somebody engages in conversation with her.

If family, friends, shop assistants, complete strangers, and even Santa only remark on how girls look, rather than what they think and do, how can we expect girls to believe that they have anything more to offer the world than their beauty?

How To Break The Ice With Little Girls That Doesn’t Involve Commenting On Their Appearance  (via closedforprayer)

The Grand 9x18 Phone Call


Ok, let’s look back at that now-famous phone call in 9x18, shall we? So here we have the obvious, that being Dean and Cas both becoming visibly more relaxed and uplifted once they start talking to each other, an example of this is shown here;


Now, after this shy smile, Cas asks how Dean was, with Dean replying;


What is the first thing that Cas replies back?


At first, this reply makes it seem that Cas is purely mourning his new predicament, of being a not-really angel.No, I really do not believe this was the intended purpose of the statement. Think, what was the purpose of most of the phone calls between Dean and Cas in the past? It was Cas trying to get a location from Dean so he could fly to him.


Cas was saying that he wished he could fly to any location he wished with a snap of his wings, and in this instance, he was saying he wished he could fly to the bunker.

The first thing Cas said when asked how he was, was how he wanted to fly away to be with Dean. 

Don’t touch me. 

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at five in the morning the phone goes off and dean slaps his hand across the bedside table without looking at it, fumbling until his fingers close around his cell. he rolls onto his side and stares at it until the little screen comes into focus.

are you okay?

and then another…

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Meta Fiction | 9.18

Desperate times call for desperate measures


look at this squishy baby with his squishy face and squishy cheeks i am going to cry